Posted by Anonymous
January 23, 2017

Hire Him!

I had complications throughout my five-year chapter 13 bankruptcy, and Jonathan was always there when needed to guide me, direct me and give me encouragement. He is very knowledgeable, competent, and knows how the system works. He was a Godsend throughout the process, and I can't thank him or recommend him enough.

Posted by Jane
September 5

Best lawyer I've come across in a long time!

I can't say enough great things about Jonathan. He has helped me with my situation beyond my expectations. He is very professional, knowledgeable and has many years of expertise. Jonathan will advise and explain things that is understood to a non-lawyer person and he does this to achieve the best possible outcome for each individual situation. I'm so happy I found him!

Posted by Jeffrey
October 2

Atlanta Georgia Bankruptcy Attorney - Super Responsive!

I've had the privilege of knowing Atlanta bankruptcy attorney Jonathan Ginsberg for many years and have often called on him for advice in filing my Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases here in Iowa. Jonathan keeps abreast of the latest developments in bankruptcy law. He is also amazingly responsive, so if you email Jonathan about your Atlanta bankruptcy you will probably be shocked at how quickly he responds. I would encourage anyone filing bankruptcy in Atlanta to entrust Jonathan with your case.

Posted by Anonymous
December 19

A Bankruptcy Client

Jonathan has done a great job for us from the moment we met, through the whole process (chapter 7), and until now since our case is almost done. He was very helpful in the process of making informative decisions, and most efficiently following the necessary steps to ensure proper execution. Jonathan used state of the art technology to expedite the process and save our time. When you work with Jonathan it is clear from the start that he is very knowledgeable and comfortable in working within the Georgia legal system. We also noticed that colleagues liked him and gave him respect. We are thankful to Jonathan for taking the time to transform what was to us a traumatic experience, into a streamlined comfortable process.

Family of four.

Posted by Margie
September 17

A genuine BANKRUPTCY EXPERT, and his websites ROCK!

I first met Jonathan Ginsberg through his Internet Website ( in mid-2002. For a year-and-a-half, I used the content from Jonathan's websites to obtain some very factual information about various legal issues that concerned me; and I was able to make strategic, legal decisions based on Georgia Law, as it related to those issues. It wasn't until 2004 that I finally met Jonathan face-to-face and retained him to represent me. But, by this time, I was thoroughly "educated" by the comprehensive nature of the information that I had absorbed from his websites, so we were able to "hit-the-ground-running" when it came time to meet and get ready to go to court. Not only did Jonathan's websites answer every question I could think of related to my case and Georgia law; but his websites also saved me untold dollars in legal fees, because I was able to become thoroughly knowledgeable about my case and the process of going to court at my own pace and speed. In my fifteen years on the Internet, I have found no other legal website that gives away so much valuable information with no strings attached.

On several occasions, I’ve had to ask for Jonathan's assistance with other legal issues that have come up since my court case ended. And, on each of those occasions, Jonathan has been quick to offer his assistance in getting the desired result. In my experience, I have never found another attorney so willing to help as Jonathan has been, repeatedly. For all of these reasons, I would recommend Jonathan to anyone needing legal assistance, including my own family members, who have also been very pleased with his legal services. In my opinion, you can't go wrong with Jonathan Ginsberg and Ginsberg Law Offices.

Posted by EAK
October 22

Exemplary service & results

Thank you kindly for all of you help through the Chapter 7 process. Your services were exemplary, plus you were personable and professional through out the whole process, giving us the support and guidance that we needed to go forward. You made the process easy for us, and we got the outcome as you indicated based on our situation, I will highly recommend your services to anyone.
Sincerely, EAK

Posted by Paul
March 21

Outstanding Bankruptcy Attorney and true Professional

Susan is a true professional and she made a very difficult situation a great experience. What we liked best about her is her honesty, she makes sure everything you do is correct and by the letter of the law. I hope people understand how important that is to make sure you do the right things and her guidance is excellant. We worked together for over a year and we filed bankruptcy based on our time schedule with no pressure from her. The timing was so perfect that we were her first client to be able to do a Chapter 7 lien strip of my second morgage. We highly recommend her and and don't hesitate to call her for your needs.

Posted by JBH
January 24

All Business + Helpful

Susan was the perfect lawyer to help me through this sea of confusion. Post-divorce let to a no-win situation and the details were complicated. Susan was at times a hard coach, but it was for good reason (I needed a swift kick or 2). She got it all done, signed and sealed.

Life is now getting better and I would recommend her to others who need a hand.

Posted by Anonymous
January 6

Real Professional

Excellent counsel, who provided me with the correct information in evaluating my circumstances. After examining all aspects in my case, she delivering a plausible plan of action with great results.

Posted by Anonymous
December 4

Great help for bankruptcy.

Susan Blum made this horrible process much easier to handle and was able to give me a new beginning. She was always available when I had questions. I would highly recommend her.

Posted by Anonymous
November 29

Very Responsive and Excellent Service

Susan worked with me very closely to make sure I understood my options and what each decision meant. She worked to make sure we had accurate numbers and kept me informed every step of the way and never hesitated to answer my endless silly questions. She was also very helpful in getting those last few debt collections stopped after we started Chapter 7. She made what would have been a very stressful experience much easier and I felt like she not only had my back but held my hand through the long process. Thanks so much for your help, Susan.

Posted by Douglas
October 28

Search No Further

Bankruptcy may become a hard reality that no one wants to, or should ever have to, face. The emotional impact can approach a divorce or serious illness. It's akin to a death, for some, in that it can erase years of effort to build a trustworthy credit reputation.

When you own up to bankruptcy as your last remaining recourse, you will not find a finer advocate than Susan Blum.

She knows bankruptcy law and process; she will listen to your plight without being judgmental and making you feel worse than you already do; and Susan can outline a recovery plan that will give you hope for a better future.

Throughout our journey through the bankruptcy process, Susan was a not only reliable, but also a compassionate guide.

Besides helping us to successfully exit the bankruptcy process, and affording us a literal new lease on our lives, Susan made sure that we had the tools to make sure that we don't end up in the position of the xposure that lead us to seek bankruptcy protection in the first place.

The only debt we now owe is one of gratitude to Susan Blum for saving our lives.


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