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Don't Let Unmanageable Debt
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Georgia law allows credit card companies to charge
15%, 20%, even 30% interest on unpaid balances.

Minimum payments can never pay off your debt.

Discover how bankruptcy can give you a fresh start!

FREE "Debt Destroyer"
Survival Kit

Our popular Debt Destroyer Survival Kit
will help you avoid common mistakes and
guarantee the best chance at obtaining
debt forgiveness.

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Out of Control Debt can Destroy Your Peace of Mind


Jonathan  Ginsberg and Susan Blum of Ginsberg Law Offices are proud to represent honest, hardworking men and women who are struggling with financial stress.  We are an Atlanta based law firm that offers real solutions to really tough problems.

Ginsberg Law has been helping Atlanta area residents eliminate stress and start over financially for over 29 years.  Put our experience to work for you.


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